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"Trade-In Arbitrage: How To Search Amazon For Hidden Profits"
"The X-Ray Tool That Scans The Amazon Page, Reveals Instant Cash & Trade Opportunity, And Shows Your Profits Before You Spend A Penny"
The ultimate Amazon cash buyback & trade-in automation tool has arrived...
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Mine Amazon For Hidden Cash & Trade-In Profits
Any Amazon Category.
Profit Just Searching Amazon.
Nearly Risk-Free Amazon Profits
Know your buying price & your selling price before you spend a penny.
Lock In Profits Before You Buy
Amazon & buyback sites lock in & guarantee a price for at least 7 days.
Get Paid To Search Amazon
With ZenTrade doing the hard work, your only job is to surf Amazon & get paid.
Here's how it works, in three steps...
Go to Amazon.
After your one-click install, head directly to Amazon to start surfing. ZenTrade works by embedding all trade-in & buyback data below each product as you search.
Search for instant trade-in & cash buy back opportunity
ZenTrade works in the background, extracting a mountain of data, publishing it directly on the the Amazon page, & alerting you instantly to opportunity.
Buy & instantly trade in your items for credit or cash
Use our simple analytics tools to assess profits at a glance, lock in profits, and get paid.
Let's Watch ZenTrade In Action...
Get started now. Install with one click.
$27 a month. Zero risk: 5-day free trial.
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The users of ZenTrade speak...
Zen Trade works!"
"Yes Zen Trade works! Instead of spending countless hours on fruitless searches, Zen puts the good ones right in front of you.

And I don’t know if you’ll find better support for any program, anywhere!

If you’re sitting on the fence, jump off and get this program!"

John G.
 High River, Alberta

"ZenTrade Has Already Paid For Itself."
"First off let me say that ZenTrade has already paid for itself this month between profitable trade-ins and sales.  I am beyond excited and pleased with my results!

ZenTrade absolutely works - the tool is a terrific time saver and packs a lot of info. I would recommend it highly."

Karen Y.
Barnegat, NJ

"Takes all of the guesswork out of trade-ins"
I am loving your new product, ZenTrade! With this new tool, the information is at my fingertips.

The information ZenTrade provides is so complete that it takes all of the guesswork out of trade-ins.

I highly recommend this affordable tool to anyone looking to get into the trade-in business!

Anne J.
Angola, NY.

"I have already paid for the next year of this tool.
This isn't trade credit, this is cash."
Want instant Amazon trade-in credit?
  • Amazon-to-Amazon Trades: Find items on Amazon cheaper than their instant trade-in value, & profit the difference.
  • 3rd-Party-Site-To-Amazon-Trades: Scan over 40 bookselling sites for the cheapest copy anywhere online.
  • Turn Credit To Cash: Full credit-to-cash training.
Want cash?
  • Find Underpriced Amazon Offers: Use ZenTrade "price proximity" alerts to find items you can resell for quick cash.
  • Find Instant Buy Back Opportunity: ZenTrade scans 10 buyback sites, find cheaper offers on Amazon, lock in profit.
  • Cash-compounding: Access an arbitrage system for turning $100 into $500 and beyond.
Get started now. Install with one click.
$27 a month. Zero risk: 5-day free trial.
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The science of trade-in credit & buy back site arbitrage has been simplified and perfected
Here's how we have completely changed the game...
Know Your Profits Before You Buy
Using Amazon's trade-in program and book buyback sites, lock in profits before you purchase.

Buy at the cheaper price. Sell at the higher price. Profit the difference. Simple as that.
Find Instant Amazon-to-Amazon trades
With millions of daily price fluctuations across Amazon's trade-in store, find the offers whose price has fallen below the trade-in price, and lock in instant trade-in profits.

Find lowest priced books (& more) across over 40 other sites
Amazon is not always the cheapest price on the internet. Scan dozens of sites to find the cheapest copy online, then buy low and either 1. trade-into Amazon instantly 2. lock in a sales price and sell to a buy back site 3. sell on Amazon for cash.
Find highest cash buyback value from 30+ sites
ZenTrade automatically scans the top cash buyback sites and publishes them directly on the Amazon page. Scan an additional 20+ sites with one click. Find copies on Amazon cheaper than the buyback price, and lock in the cash sale instantly.
No clicking or scrolling: Get instant profit totals for each page
ZenTrade scans the entire page as you surf Amazon, and publishes profit totals at the top of the page. Together with our keyboard shortcut feature, you can scan the trade-in store for profits without any scrolling.
Off-Amazon arbitrage probability alerts
Introducing "price proximity alerts" - get instantly alerted when Amazon's price is close to the trade-in price, indicating high potential for offers on 3rd party sites that can be traded in to (or sold on) Amazon for a quick profit.
World's largest database of trade-in credit historical data
For two years, we've been quietly accumulating tens of millions of data points, building the largest known database of historical Amazon trade-in and pricing data in the world. With ZenTrade, this data-goldmine is yours. 
Trade-in price tracking & email alerts
Want to be instantly alerted anytime a trade-in price goes up? Trigger trade-in price tracking with one click, and we'll email you as soon as we detect a price increase.

Not just for books: Search every trade-in category
ZenTrade isn't just for books: Scan every category in Amazon's trade-in store - from DVDs to video games to CDs and more - and find quick low-risk online arbitrage opportunity.

No Amazon seller's account required
ZenTrade was made for people wanting to make money online, but don't necessarily want to deal with the infrastructure of setting up an Amazon account, dealing with orders, and everything else that comes with it. With buyback & trade-in, you can forget all that.
Run a partially automated system from anywhere
We set you up with our prep service partner who will receive books for you, and ship them in to Amazon or a buyback site - allowing you to run a business from anywhere in the world.

Get started now. Install with one click.
$27 a month. Zero risk: 5-day free trial.
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The Ultimate Low-To-No Risk Online Business
  • Lock In A Price: Whether Amazon trade-in or a cash buyback site, know your profits before you buy.
  • No Price Volatility: With ZenTrade, the only way a price can go is up - once the price is locked in, we alert you if the price increases, allowing you to cash in at an even higher price.
  • No More Waiting For A Sale: If the uncertainty of a "normal" Amazon business drives you crazy, the answer has arrived.
Run From Any Country (Anywhere, Period)
  • Use Our Prep Service Partner: We set you up with a service that will receive and ship books to Amazon or a buyback site for you - so you never have to even see your inventory.
  • International Users Welcome: With our prep service partner, your location is irrelevant.
  • An Entirely Virtual Business: Run from a computer, and have $$$ just show up in your bank account.
Make Amazon Credit, Cash, Or Do Both
  • Find Instant Cash Opportunity: Find cheap items online, scan for cash buyback sites offering more, profit the difference.
  • Instant Amazon Trade-In Opportunity: Find items cheaper than their Amazon trade-in value, trade-in instantly, profit the difference. 
  • Find Quick Cash Opportunity: ZenTrade finds underpriced Amazon offers that can be purchased, and quickly resold for a profit.
Full Training From Real Amazon Sellers
  • Full Training: While some tools sign you up & make you fend for yourself, you get instant access to our full video library.
  • Full Support: It doesn't end there - get quick email support from real Amazon sellers.
  • Video Training Worth The Price Alone: From our "credit to cash" system to how to turn $100 into $500 or more, it's all in our video library.
Historical trade-in data: Time your trades

ZenTrade tells you exact dates when trade-in values are highest, allowing you to wait and trade-in at the highest value.

Historical pricing data: Time your purchases
ZenTrade tells you exact dates when prices are lowest, allowing you to purchase when prices dip.

"Price Proximity" alerts to find hidden profit
Way more than a credit and buyback tool, ZenTrade gives you x-ray vision to see severely underpriced offers. Buy low, sell higher, profit the difference.

Instantly scan the top book buy back sites

Find cash buyback site opportunity two ways:

1. We automatically scan the top book buyback sites & publish the going rate right on the Amazon page.
2. Scan an additional 30 sites with one click.

12-month average sales rank
Plan to buy and sell underpriced books? For every book, we show you 12 month average sales rank, to give you a true sense of the book's demand.

Trade-in price increase email alerts
A powerful (and profitable) feature with two parts:
1. Set a price for any item, and we'll email you instantly when the trade-in price reaches that amount.
2. For any book you buy, we'll alert you if the value goes up any amount in 7 days, so you can cancel and resubmit.

Scan over 40  bookselling sites with 1-click
There are wild price fluctuations all across the internet, and Amazon is not always the cheapest.

Scan over 40 sites for the cheapest copy. For other categories like DVDs & CDs, scan other price comparison sites also with 1-click.

Price Proximity alerts at top of each page
For the lazy (or just efficient), we scan the page and publish the total profit & proximity alerts at the top of the page. Use with our keyboard shortcut feature to advance ahead a page with one keystroke, review totals, and forget scrolling.

Get started now. Install with one click.
$27 a month. Zero risk: 5-day free trial.
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My name is
Peter Valley...
In 2017, something weird happened.
Over 12-months, I received 100+ emails through my Amazon seller blog, all from ripped-off customers of a certain Amazon trade-in credit tool that cost $1,000.

I despise internet cons, and after hearing these stories, I decided: "I'm going to copy the bad guy's tool, make it better, make it for credit AND cash, and release it for less than 1/10 the price." And ZenTrade was born.

ZenTrade: Everything other tools have. Many things they don't. 1/10 the price.
Access These Videos In Our Training Library...
...and more.
Access Our Complete "Credit & Cash Compounding" System
  • Have Amazon Credit? Turn $100 in credit into $500 cash (or more)
  • Have Cash & Want More? Turn $100 cash into $500 cash (or more)
ZenTrade's Video Training Teaches 3 Options:
#1: Use ZenTrade To Find Underpriced Books, Sell To Buyback Sites Instantly
We scan the top book buyback sites, and instantly alert you if the Amazon price is below any buyback offer for fast cash.
#2: Use ZenTrade To Find Underpriced Books, Resell Back On Amazon For A Profit
Use our price proximity alerts to find underpriced books you can quickly resell on Amazon for low-risk cash.
#3: Buy Cheap Books (& More), Resell Via FBA For A Profit.

Get our step-by-step system. (In fact, get a 60-minute video course on how it's done).
Get started now. Install with one click.
$27 a month. Zero risk: 5-day free trial.
ZenTrade is so powerful, some are debating: Is it even fair? (Seriously)
"With the system being so efficient, and in essence being a tool that earns money for clicking around Amazon... can it be considered ethical?"
You decide.
Get started now. Install with one click.
$27 a month. Zero risk: 5-day free trial.
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