World's First & Only Instructional Book Sourcing Documentary


What if you could look over the shoulder of a fumbling but occasionally successful Amazon bookseller, as he makes $1,000 in one day?

"Book Sourcing: $1k In A Day"

One day. Nine sources. $1,000 profit.
Captured live, in one video course.

Get ready for a ride.

We're hitting nine sources in eight hours - and showing you everything.

What would it be worth it to you to follow someone around as they made $1,000?
Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day
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The Book Sourcing Course
That Will Change Your Business

I'm Peter Valley...
Here's the story of the mission documented in Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day....

One day a friend and I (and her video camera) hit the road.

Here was the four-part plan:

1. Go on one of my regular book sourcing routes.

2. Visit at least four categories of sources.

3. Narrate everything going on in my head as I'm scanning books.

4. Film the entire thing. 

...and a 5-hour book sourcing epic was born.
Learn exactly what to look for.
Put two sellers in the same source, and one will come out with 3x more than the other. How is that possible?

That's what this course is about.
Learn exactly how to see value.
Anyone can find thousands of books on shelves. Very few can hone in on the few worth money.

That's what this course is about.
Get a backstage pass
There are successful sellers charging big sums to take you out sourcing & show you how it's done.

This course does exactly that - without having to leave your house.
Do you ever...
hear stories about Amazon sellers getting amazing scores, and ask:
I wish I could see how they did that?
Do you ever...
read about a successful Amazon seller, and think:
I wish I could follow them around for a day?
Do you ever...
see someone at a book sale getting 3x more books than you, & wonder:
“What do they know that I don’t?”
Four reasons to get "1k In A Day" now:
Nothing like this has been done before.

The actual sourcing part of an Amazon business is shrouded in secrecy. Other sellers might occasionally talk about it...

But no one has ever showed it.

I show you what books to look for.

You can't scan everything. "1k In A Day" contains hundreds of tips for filtering out the 99% of worthless books, and honing in on the profitable ones like a laser.

Book sourcing is 10% skillset, 90% mindset.

If you know of other sellers making more than you, it's probably not their sources. It's what they know when they get to their sources.

That's what these videos are about.

Get full access to your own mentor

Try to ask any bookseller if you can follow them around for the day. It probably won't go well. They just won't want to create their own competition. 

This kind of access is rarely offered.

One day. Nine sources. One thousand dollars PRofit.

Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day
Access all videos instantly
20 Videos
5 hours
There’s a lot of talk about selling on Amazon.
And most of it is boring.

“The best software.”
“How to pack your shipments.”
Even how to pay your taxes.

Seriously, why does it seem like half of what’s written about Amazon has to do with taxes? Boring.

And even when people do talk about sourcing, it’s always vague and rarely useful.

People talk about sourcing like its as simple as driving around town & coming home with a car bursting with inventory.

And you’re left to wonder:
Why do they make it sound so easy?
What am I missing?

Fact is, they’ll talk about sourcing.
But they’ll rarely show it to you.

It’s like what happens on sourcing trips is some kind of weird trade secret.

Personally, I feel cheated when someone talks about something and leaves out the most important part.

And if you wanted to get someone to open up about what happens on these “secret sourcing rituals,” your options are pretty much zero.

It’s like a Skull & Bones initiation: You know it happens, but no one is willing to talk.

Okay, you might have one option. There are people who, for a very high price, will take you out sourcing and, in a private session, show you their secrets.
(Nothing against this, but it feels weird to me).

So I’m pulling back the curtain on book sourcing.

If you want to know what goes on “in the field,” I’m giving a backstage pass into this weirdly taboo subject.

Follow me around for a day while I spend over 5 hours talking about (and showing) exactly what I’m doing:

The why’s
The how’s…

If you’re ready to put an end to “sourcing secrecy” and go behind the scenes with me, let’s do this. 

World's first & only instructional book sourcing documentary

Limited Box Set Bonus #1

Online Book Arbitrage:
Complete Webinar Transcripts

Softcover. 75 pages.

On July 23rd, 2015, I gave a 2-hour webinar detailing exactly how I find cheap books on Amazon and resell them back on Amazon.

This webinar had one catch: It was once in a lifetime, and NO replays.

(Believe me, a few people who missed the webinar resorted to some rather undignified begging to get me to send them the recording. But when I said no replays, I meant it.)

The reason this was “one time only” was simple: This is one of those few tactics best kept to an “inner circle.”

If you were there, you learned every trick I know and could get to work right away. If you weren’t… Well, you might have been one of the people emailing me the next day, begging for a replay.

For 5 days only, I’m giving you the next best thing:
The complete transcripts (and slides) from my “Online Book Arbitrage” webinar in one professionally printed paperback book.

I cover a lot of bases, such as:

·    How the biggest source of books to resell isn’t a library sale – its Amazon.
·    The 7 ingredients of a book that can be flipped on Amazon.
·    Exactly how to use Amazon’s “Advanced Search” option to find arbitrage opportunity.
·    Picking search terms that will lead you to book arbitrage gold.
·    A quick formula for making an extra $1,000 a month…. without leaving your computer.
·    Bonus: Amazon gift card arbitrage (how to get all your online book arbitrage inventory free. Seriously.)

But it's only available for 5 days only. When the timer below hits zero, it's gone.

Limited Box Set Bonus #2

Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day:
Complete DVD Transcripts

Softcover. 110 pages.

What if you had one book that contained virtually everything a long-time Amazon bookseller knew about spotting value?

Let’s be honest: Most of us don’t have time to watch 3 DVDs in one sitting.

So as part of this super-limited box set, you’re getting the complete transcripts for “Book Sourcing: 1k in a Day”, together in one 110-page book.

You won’t always have time to watch 5.5 hours of book sourcing footage, but you’ll always have time to read a few pages in a book.

And this one is packed with hundreds (thousands?) of lessons learned in my 8 years as an Amazon bookseller.

(And if you only want the DVDs, sell this book on Amazon. It just might make this box set pay for itself.)

Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day
Access all videos instantly
20 Videos
5 hours
Specifically, here’s how it’s going to work:

We’re taking you to nine different book sources.
And to give you a well-rounded look at book sourcing, we’re taking you to four different categoies of sources.

Including a dumpster.

(Spoiler alert: The dumpster was among the most profitable sources of the trip.)

Think about it:

What would it feel like to no longer wonder how people really made money sourcing?

What would it feel like to no longer feel like you were “missing something,” like there was something other sellers knew that you didn’t?

What would it do for your business to look over someone’s shoulder and see exactly how they made $1,000 in one day?

This isn’t about the tactics of book sourcing (though you’re getting that too).

The tactics could be taught in 10 minutes.
(Aim your scanner at book, scan, look at screen, repeat.
There you go.)

The money is in knowing what to look for.
The money is in knowing how to spot value.

The money is in having x-ray goggles that let you “see” profitable inventory everywhere.

In this course, I’m giving you the goggles.

One day. Nine sources. One thousand dollars PRofit.

Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day
Access all videos instantly
20 Videos
5 hours
This is way more than just 5 hours of me scanning books.

That would be kind of pointless.

Book Sourcing: 1k in a Day is over 5 hours of me narrating exactly what’s going on in my head as I’m sourcing: Exactly why I’m picking up the books I am, exactly why I’m avoiding the other 99%, and literally every thing that’s going on in my head as I’m blazing a path cross town in a sourcing frenzy, towards the goal of $1,000 by day’s end.

And when it’s all over, I track my sales (live on camera) and find I  didn’t just make $1,000 – I made more.

Why did we include all this footage? Why is it so long (over 5 hours)?

Easy: I wanted you to have no excuse.

I wanted no stone unturned.

I didn’t want you to come away thinking: Well, we saw the “best of” footage from a $1,000 day, but there must be some secret he’s leaving out. We saw some of how he did it, but we didn’t see everything.

So here it is: Frame by frame, blow by blow – Exactly what it takes to get $1,000 worth of books in one day.

And when it’s over, there will be no more excuses. You’ll be compelled to hit the streets and do it yourself.

You won’t look at your town the same way again.

I have some awesome news:

For this sourcing trip….

You don’t have to leave your house.

You don’t have to spend your money.

You don’t have to do anything.

Sit back and absorb nearly everything I’ve learned in 8 years of sourcing books, in one DVD set.

Then go out on your own bookselling rampage.
Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day
Access all videos instantly
20 Videos
5 hours

Scenes From "$1K In A Day"

Watch Every moment of this $1,000 Journey...

Book Sourcing: 1k In A Day
Access all videos instantly
20 Videos
5 hours