Complete Masterclass On
Increasing Amazon Profits
Through Superior Pricing
Pricing is the simplest, fastest, & most powerful way to increase your Amazon profits - right now.
  •  Pricing Mastery:           Complete Video Course
  • How to increase your profits using every price hack in the book.
  • Dozens of tricks to get the most money for your FBA inventory.
  • Live pricing videos.
  • And So Much More...
The students of Pricing Mastery speak...
"Dude, serious. Pricing Mastery is pure gold. I know you’ve been telling everyone that Pricing Mastery works. I am here to tell you — it totally does.

Just applying the repricing module, our sales
have skyrocketed. After the first few days, there was a noticeable uptick: $375 to about $500. But, when you look at the first full week of putting Pricing Mastery to work – holy hell, Batman – our first $1,200 week since 2015."

Grand Island, NE
"If you are a serious book seller looking to dramatically increase your profits, this is the course for you -- no joke! Just applying Peter's repricing principles to my existing inventory has boosted my sales.

Pricing Mastery is worth its weight in gold! Great for new sellers and seasoned sellers alike! I would highly recommend this course to anyone."

Stacey Cline
West Middlesex, PA
"I would like to say that if we ever meet I will be giving you the most giant of hugs you've ever received (consensual or not) for the awesome help you've given me with my FBA business.

Before Pricing Mastery I was making 2-3 sales every other day, but now I making 9-10 sales. My profits have soared.  Thank you so much!"

Justin Anders
Topeka, KS
One Small Tweak To Your Pricing Strategy Can Make You Thousands...
(Pricing Mastery teaches dozens of them)
Part One: The Foundation
  • Exactly why this pricing strategy works.
  • The 7 pillars of pricing leverage: Why they buy
  • The fundamentals of pricing strategy
  • And lots more...
    Part Two: Leverage
    • The 7 factors of “the right price”
    • How to read the data to get the most for your inventory
    • Category-based pricing
    • And lots more...

    Part Three: Setting the Price
    • Your six options when pricing.
    • Exactly when to apply each option.
    • Exceptions to each rule.
    • And lots more...
    Part Four: Repricing
    • Priority-based repricing scheduling
    • Manual repricing, step-by-step
    • Outsourcing your repricing
    • And lots more...
    Part Five: Advanced Strategy
    • Analyzing sales volume
    • Profiting off pricing volatility
    • Top 12 pricing mistakes
    • And lots more...
    Part Six: Live Pricing Demos
    • Hours of live pricing
    • I show exactly how I’m pricing each item and explain exactly why
    • Live pricing broken down into 7 different categories
    • And lots more...
    "The great thing about this course is that it doesn't just present a formula, but it explains all of the reasons and principles behind the formula.

    By helping improve both my pricing and my sourcing, Pricing Mastery has made a significant, positive impact on my margins and ROI.

    I highly recommend this course for any FBA book seller."

    Robert Hodgson
    Amherst, MA
    "Your course Pricing Mastery opened my eyes.

    I had over 3000 books when I purchased the course. Selling 2-3 books a day.  After going through Pricing Mastery - I am selling 8 to 10 books a day."

    David Weberman
    Iowa City, IA
    "Pricing Mastery just took me to a new level.

    I had finally got to 4000 books in inventory and really did little to no repricing. I tried software with no success. Then this course came out.  Now I'm already seeing an increase in sales and I am pumped.

    Peter teaches for all levels and I am grateful for this course above any other."

    Peter Migner
    Greenwich, CT