The most comprehensive step-by-step course ever created for launching & scaling a six-figure Amazon bookselling business.
The 9-step system to go from nothing to a bookselling empire.
  •  Amazon Altitude Bookselling System:           Complete Video Course
  • 40 detailed videos: From launch to sourcing inventory to getting paid to scaling up.
  • Go from nothing to six-figures: Exactly how to start for under $300 & go all the way to six figures.
  • Extreme detail: Exactly where to get inventory, how to use scanning apps, and beyond.
  • From beginner to advanced: Everything covered.
The Students Of Amazon Altitude Speak...
"Amazon Altitude has helped my FBA business reach new heights."
"Amazon Altitude has helped my FBA business reach new heights. Before taking your course, my sales lagged. After, I have watched my sales soar! I would highly recommend this course to any FBA seller."

Amy G.
Kent, CT

"I highly recommend this course."
"I have learned so much.... and realized a lot of mistakes I had been making before. The course really lays everything out. I highly recommend this course."

Anne J.
Angola, NY

"Amazon Altitude course is the ONLY course you need
for FBA book selling success."
Peter Valley's Amazon Altitude course is the ONLY course you need to take
for FBA book selling success, whether you're just getting ready to jump
into the business or even if you've been around for years. The course has
benefited me greatly in all facets of the business. From learning what it takes to become a master book sourcer, to pricing for maximum profits, It's all here
in one master package.

Terry G.
Jacksonville, AL

"Dude, serious. Pricing Mastery is pure gold. I know you’ve been telling everyone that Pricing Mastery works. I am here to tell you — it totally does.

Just applying the repricing module, our sales
have skyrocketed. After the first few days, there was a noticeable uptick: $375 to about $500. But, when you look at the first full week of putting Pricing Mastery to work – holy hell, Batman – our first $1,200 week since 2015."

Grand Island, NE
"If you are a serious book seller looking to dramatically increase your profits, this is the course for you -- no joke! Just applying Peter's repricing principles to my existing inventory has boosted my sales.

Pricing Mastery is worth its weight in gold! Great for new sellers and seasoned sellers alike! I would highly recommend this course to anyone."

Stacey Cline
West Middlesex, PA
"I would like to say that if we ever meet I will be giving you the most giant of hugs you've ever received (consensual or not) for the awesome help you've given me with my FBA business.

Before Pricing Mastery I was making 2-3 sales every other day, but now I making 9-10 sales. My profits have soared.  Thank you so much!"

Justin Anders
Topeka, KS
What you're about to get...
Part One: The Foundation
  • How this course is different than everything that came before it.
  • Why FBA is the ultimate "freedom business."
  • Understanding the psychology of the Amazon buyer.
  • The only ways to fail with FBA (avoid these and you're set).
  • And lots more...
    Part Two: The Architecture
    • The 7 pillars of FBA architecture.
    • Hardware: Exactly what equipment to buy to get started fast.
    • Software: Exactly what software you need (and what you don't).
    • Startup costs: Breakdown of ever cost, & how to start for less than $300.
    • And lots more...

    Part Three: Scanning App Mastery
    • How to read scanning app data for maximum profits.
    • Understanding every item of data on your scanning app - and why it matters (or doesn't).
    • Exactly what settings to use - and what to avoid.
    • The 3 laws of the "FBA X-Ray Formula" - reading hidden data your app show you.
    • And lots more...
    Part Four: Where To Source
    • How to see profit everywhere: Why books are the most abundant product to resell.
    • Core book sources: Top 10 consistent & profitable book sources.
    • Advanced book sources: 10 additional sources of books (and more).
    • And lots more...
    Part Five: Sourcing Science
    • The science of spotting value in books.
    • The 5 types of valuable books every seller misses.
    • Exactly how to tell in a micro-second if a book is worth scanning.
    • How to get twice as much profit from each source.
    • Which book categories to target - and which to avoid.
    • And lots more...
    Part Six: What To Buy
    • How to know what books to invest in and what books to pass on.
    • Developing a buying formula that almost guarantees you'll triple your money.
    • The Top 5 buying decision mistakes.
    • Decoding Amazon "sales rank" for maximum profits.
    •  An analysis of 10 books, and why you should buy them or pass.
    • And lots more...
    Part Seven: Pricing
    • Pricing strategy: Why it means the difference between success and failure.
    • Exactly how to price your offers as an FBA seller.
    • Your 5 options when setting a price.
    • The 7 factors to consider when setting a price.
    • Maximizing profits by creating a tier-system for manual repricing.
    • A live repricing demonstration.
    Part Eight: Turning Books Into Cash
    • Exactly how to choose the right condition for listing your books.
    • Exactly how to list books - including a live demonstration.
    • Navigating your Amazon account - what parts are important, and what to ignore.
    • Managing feedback: How to have negative feedback removed, and more.
    • Getting paid: The fun part.
    • And lots more...
    Part Nine: Scaling Up
    • The Top 5 Advanced Profit Hacks: How to create product pages, selling on eBay, more.
    • A 3-step formula to literally double your profits.
    • Going beyond books: Alternative FBA business models.
    • Scaling up: How to outsource the hardest parts of your Amazon business.
    • The 7 ways to destroy your competition and make them irrelevant.
    • And lots more...
    Warning: These three bonuses vanish when that timer hits zero.
    Bonus #1
    Book Sourcing Science
    Video Course
    Exactly what to look for in every major book category.
    • How to Spot Profit: Exactly what books to look for - and what to avoid.
    • Years Of Experience Packed Into One Course: Shortcut to expert status.
    • Hone In On The Best Books: Eliminate the guesswork.
      Bonus #2
      How To Travel For Free With FBA
      Video Course
      A complete system for free travel by sourcing & shipping on the road.
      • A step-by-step process: How to line up sources in advance.
      • Every possible trick: Exactly how to source and ship on the road.
      • Free travel: How to make every trip pay for itself.
        Bonus #3
        Beyond Books
        Video Course
        Profiting off overlooked items you'll find while sourcing books.
        • Dramatically increase profits: Find and sell profitable items other sellers miss.
        • How to spot value: Profit from weird niches other sellers miss. 
        • How to increase your profits 15% or more: Weird “leftover” items other sellers miss.
        "The great thing about this course is that it doesn't just present a formula, but it explains all of the reasons and principles behind the formula.

        By helping improve both my pricing and my sourcing, Pricing Mastery has made a significant, positive impact on my margins and ROI.

        I highly recommend this course for any FBA book seller."

        Robert Hodgson
        Amherst, MA
        "Your course Pricing Mastery opened my eyes.

        I had over 3000 books when I purchased the course. Selling 2-3 books a day.  After going through Pricing Mastery - I am selling 8 to 10 books a day."

        David Weberman
        Iowa City, IA
        "Pricing Mastery just took me to a new level.

        I had finally got to 4000 books in inventory and really did little to no repricing. I tried software with no success. Then this course came out.  Now I'm already seeing an increase in sales and I am pumped.

        Peter teaches for all levels and I am grateful for this course above any other."

        Peter Migner
        Greenwich, CT

        The students confess:
        My training builds dreams.
        We’ve learned more from Peter than all the other guys put together. Meat and potatoes stuff, no fluff, no repetition, and presented in a most entertaining way. Our business is really sailing along, and we owe nearly all of it to Peter.”

        Rick & Nancy, Montville, ME
        “If I had to name a person whom has been the most influential in transforming my life this past year for the better, it would be Peter Valley.”

        Blake, Online Selling Reviews
        “I would like to say that if we ever meet I will be giving you the most giant of hugs you've ever received (consensual or not) for the awesome help you've given me with my FBA business.”

        Justin Anders
        $3,587 in 90 Days: Off The Material I Give Away For Free
        "I have sold $205 units and made $3,587 in sales, and this was starting from not ever hearing about 'book arbitrage'. Thanks..."
        Seven reasons Amazon Altitude is the most elite Amazon bookselling course ever:
        Amazon Altitude is a "business in a box".
        No stone unturned: From the moment you first login to Amazon, to scaling up your business.
        I cover the things others are afraid to reveal.
        Ever notice how other course never tell you where to get books? I don't hold back.
        Everything I teach:
        I've done.
        I've been selling for 15 years:
        I put everything I've learned over a decade of blood & tears into one epic course.
        I go step-by-step.

        I want this to be simple for you: I start with the basics, and walk you through every step.
        It's so specific, you might get annoyed.
        Zero guesswork: Exactly what apps to use, what equipment to buy, what books to look for.
        I tell you what makes money, not what's popular.
        The most profitable advice, no matter what:  My only focus is to make you money. Nothing else.
        For beginners to those already selling - & beyond.
        Total immersion: You're getting a complete system, from getting started to scaling up.